WordPress plugins by Ten&Two Systems

Transform and display XML from local and remote sources using PHP’s XSL extension.

Transform and cache images from local and remote sources using PHP’s GD or ImageMagick extensions.

  • [img_process/]– Call any IMG Processor shortcode, specified in transform.
  • [img_info/]– Get details for an existing image.
  • [img_fit/] – Resize an image to fit within the specified width and/or height.
  • [img_fill/] – Resize and crop an image to cover the specified width and height.
  • [img_resize/] – Stretch an image to fit the specified width and height.
  • [img_crop/] – Extract a widthxheight portion of an image from the top,left.
  • [img_trim/] – Remove pixels from the topleftbottom and right edges.
  • [img_border/] – Add pixels to the topleftbottom and right edges.
  • [img_flip/] – Flip an image vertically or horizontally along the x or y axis.
  • [img_rotate/] – Rotate an image clockwise by degrees.
  • [img_scale/] – Scale an image by a percent.
  • [img_zoom/] – Scale an image by a percent, then focus on a widthxheightportion.
  • API Requests – Use the src attribute of an <img/>.
  • WP Commands – Use the command-line interface.